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J. Debrincat Limited has been a trusted name in the insurance field for many years. It is a licenced Tied Insurance Intermediary for Life Assurance and Retirement Planning Product.

At our head office in Victoria Gozo. We provide a round the clock service for any of the following covers, we with your approval provide home or business visits:


  • Investment


Our range of MSV Investment Plans can offer capital protection and attractive bonus rates through participation in the MSV With Profits Fund or the chance to participate in equity and bond markets through award winning investment fund managers. 

They are simple yet flexible and efficient solutions that offer you the opportunity to invest in a wide range of assets, such as, equities bonds, real estate, commodities and money markets in one portfolio through a lump sum investment. 

The MSV With Profits Fund is a time-tested, reliable and tax efficient method of investment which offers smoothed investment returns over time.

The MSV Investment Plans offer:

  • option to choose how much you want to invest
  • excellent potential for a tax efficient stable medium to long-term capital growth
  • peace of mind through a traditional and reliable way of investing, as well as access to award winning investment fund managers
  • options to top-up your investments with additional lump sums
  • flexibility to make partial withdrawals
  • ability to receive a regular income through withdrawal of bonuses
  • option to designate beneficiaries to receive the value of the plan directly upon your death

MSver 50’s Plan



MSingle Premium Planingle Premium Plan

MSV Single Premium Plan

If you have a lump sum of money, which you have saved over the years or perhaps inherited and are looking for a potentially better alternative to banks’ saving and term deposit accounts, look no further. Under current legislation and tax practice, the MSV Single Premium Plan is an ideal tax-efficient, medium to long-term savings plan for those wishing to invest a lump sum of money with relatively steady but conservative growth.

The MSV Single Premium Plan at a glance
Type of Plan With-Profits Single Premium plan
Minimum Premiums €5,000 – Applicants taking out a plan before age 75
€10,000 – Applicants aged 75 or older
Minimum Term 5 years
Age at Entry 3 months to 17 years (Child Policy Versions)
18 to 85 years (terms and conditions apply)
Additional Top-Ups Minimum €500 No top-ups allowed in the last 5 years of the plan
Free Partial Withdrawals of Capital Minimum €500 after the 4th year subject to minimum of €5,000 retained in the Plan

The Investment Bond is a whole of life single premium life insurance policy linked to the value of underlying investment funds. The plan is available in three currency versions (Euro, US Dollar, or GB Sterling) and each currency version is available in a Standard version and a Premier version.

The Investment Bond offers you the possibility to diversify and balance your portfolio through an investment choice from:

  • Investment Funds managed by Fidelity Investments, JP Morgan and Valletta Fund Management (VFM) and
  • MSV With-Profits Fund that effectively provides capital protection, under the Euro version of the Plan.


The MSV Investment Bond at a glance
Type of Plan Whole of Life Unit Linked Investment Bond
Minimum Premiums €/$/£ 5,000 –  for the Standard Version
€/$/£ 25,000 – for the Premier Version
Minimum Term 5 years
Age at Entry 3 months and a maximum of 85 years
Additional Top-Ups Minimum €500 and subject to the applicable top-up fees.
Withdrawal of Regular Bonus Any regular bonus declared under the MSV With Profits Fund may be withdrawn without deduction of the relevant exit charges. The minimum amount that can be withdrawn is €250.



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Policies are tailor-made for your requirements.

MSV Life p.l.c. Unit-Linked Polices are linked to selected  Fidelity Funds and  La Valletta Funds.

MSV Life p.l.c. is licensed by the Malta Financial Services Authority to carry on long term business under the Insurance Business Act 1998

J. Debrincat Limited is an enrolled Tied Insurance Intermediary under MSV Life p.l.c. MSV is authorised by Malta Financial Services Authority to carry on Long Term Business under the Insurance Business Act 1998. Both companies are regulated by the MFSA. MFSA Enrollement no C30546


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